Journal Entry 09/28/2015: Color My World


Last weekend, I visited my grandmother in the hospital. It was a quick trip of only a couple days but I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with her. The highlight was listening to Southern Gospel with her in the hospital room. It is interesting looking in to the eyes of a new born and the eyes of someone in their 90s. Their eyes are so similar.

12065715_10206315654744605_1078233562522643893_nI am especially proud of my sister who also went to visit her from California. She was able to stay awhile longer than I. The way she cares for and loves my grandmother is simply amazing. She is an example to us all in the way we are called to care for the elderly.

It was also a blessing to spend time with my other family members who live in Georgia. It was especially nice to be able to spend time with my parents.


I flew back in to Florida Tuesday morning and my beautiful wife picked me up at the airport. I got some quick rest and made final preparations for our parish middle school youth group, “The Edge”.  IMG_20150922_182021692

As it was the kick-off, it was primarily a social to foster a meet and greet. It was called “Color My World”.

One of our Core Members snapped this photo of some of our “Edgers” and I during prayer. I would of preferred her to be praying but I have to admit that I love the picture. The one boy offering up his intentions and the faces of the other youth is just priceless. The picture encompasses what Youth Ministry is truly about: faith, friends, fellowship.12045613_1070979269581184_892506331331752130_o

On Thursday, we launched our school’s Conquest Club by having an initial leader’s meeting. Here are some of the 5th-8th grade leaders. Jacob and Daniel snuck in.
IMG_20150924_161637888 I continue to coach youth football for the City of Parkland. My wife Shawn and I had no idea the amount of commitment football required. Between my 3 youngest boys each playing on their own team and I coaching as an assistant on Daniel’s team, it has made a tremendous impact on our family. IMG_20150926_144811250Their are blessings in the relationships that are being fostered within the Parkland Rangers family and for that we are grateful. The struggle is time management. Being able to gather around a table for dinner, school (homework), Church are all priorities for us. The balance is something we are working on.

IMG_20150927_110429362 On Sunday morning, we launched our Spiritual Battles Semester for High School teens at our parish. The meeting was “The Alpha and Omega”. We had a good bit of teens and a few new faces as well. Please keep these teens as well as all of our parish youth in your prayers.IMG_20150927_110530595


So it is off to a new week of being a Husband, a Dad, a Youth Minister, and a Coach. These are some long days but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. These are the best days of my life and I thank the Lord above for blessing me with all of them and for all of you.

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